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19 year old girl, living my life like everyday is the last. I am a sucker for TV shows: NCIS. NCIS LA. OUAT. Bones. Dr House.
I ship Densi. Tiva. SQ. OQ. Hameron. I LOVE Jessie J & Michael Jackson.
Posts you'll find on this blog depends on my mood. Peace :D
NO H8 :)
Love Is Louder
  • me: yeah i saw that last year on tumblr


Adorable Dog (Frenchie!) Plays with NYPD Police Horse on Wall Street [x]


Lana for April’s issue of the Regard Magazine


Birthday Challenge

  ↳ Robert Carlyle + friendship - Lana Parrilla

and look at that; 30 episodes later… everyone’s family.

Have an amazing day!
— Anonymous

OMG ANON THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Have a great day as well!! ❤️💋

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"OK dear, time to go find daddy, let go of the Captain’s hook."

"Can’t. I’mma fish!"

"Don’t talk with your mouth full sweetie."

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How people see her and how Regina sees herself.